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Entire back catalogue of Transactions now available on line

PhilSoc is pleased to report the successful completion of its project with Wiley--Blackwell to digitise the entire back catalogue of TPhS, which has now been made available online via the Wiley InterScience delivery platform. (This service is free of charge to PhilSoc members, for whom access is available using a password which can be obtained from Wiley-Blackwell (e-mail: customerservices@blackwellpublishing.com) citing the delivery number printed on the address label of "Transactions".) The catalogue goes all the way back to Volume 1, Issue 1, published in January 1854, containing "Attempt at an explanation of some Difficulties in the currently received account of the Battle of Marathon" and "On some Greek Lyrical Metres".

Published 7 Jul 2008

Further growth in Transactions readership

PhilSoc is pleased to report further indications that the impact of TPhS grew during 2007: the total readership of online TPhS articles increased by 61%; the number of individuals signing up for email table-of-contents alerts rose by 14%; institutional circulation rose by nearly 9%.

Published 31 Mar 2008

PhilSoc meeting minutes now available for download

The minutes of PhilSoc's ordinary meetings and AGMs will in future be available for download from the PhilSoc website. Please click on Meetings in the panel on the left; the minutes of the most recent meeting are available in the panel on the left of that page, while the minutes of previous meetings are available from the bottom of the page.

Published 11 Feb 2008

New members of TPhS's International Editorial Board

PhilSoc is pleased to announce the names of six new members of Transactions' International Editorial Board: Stephen Matthews (Hong Kong), Nick Evans (ANU), Donka Minkova (UCLA), Michela Cennamo (Naples), Abdelkader Fassi Fehri (Rabat), Terttu Nevalainen (Helsinki). The new members of the Board will join the six existing members and act as ambassadors for Transactions in their respective regions, and thus further enhance the international profile of the journal.

Published 1 Jan 2008

2008 reprint of 1934 Transactions essay by J. R. R. Tolkien

An essay by J. R. R. Tolkien, 'Chaucer as a philologist: The Reeve's Tale', which originally appeared in Transactions in 1934, will be reprinted in volume 5 (spring 2008) of Tolkien Studies. For details, please click here.

Published 10 Dec 2007

World French Linguistics Congress

PhilSoc is pleased to announce its support for the first World French Linguistics Congress, organised by the Institut de linguistique française and taking place in Paris 9--12 Jul 08. The Congress includes eight plenary lectures, 140 selected papers and 300 poster presentations across twelve themes. The Congress also includes a dedicated poster session for early-career researchers. The Congress website can be accessed by clicking here.

Published 23 Nov 2007

150th anniversary of Trench's seminal paper read to PhilSoc

Nov 2007 marks the 150th anniversary of the reading of one of the most important papers ever to be read to PhilSoc: Richard Chenevix Trench's 'On some deficiencies in our English dictionaries', widely regarded as having created the impetus which ultimately led to the compilation of the Oxford English Dictionary.

Published 25 Oct 2007

PhilSoc heads North again

PhilSoc will this year once again be holding its Nov meeting in the North. Following a number of biennial Nov meetings in Manchester, and last year's Nov meeting in Edinburgh, the Society will travel to Yorkshire and meet in Sheffield. PhilSoc looks forward to seeing many of its northern members on Fri 16 Nov.

Published 17 Jul 2007

Fifth RH Robins Prize of the Philological Society

PhilSoc is pleased to announce the Society's fifth RH Robins Prize for an article written by a student associate member on a topic within the Society’s interests. In a departure from previous Prizes, the Society will award the £500 first prize together with a £250 second prize. Click on Robins Prize in the panel on the left for details.

Published 4 Jul 2007

New PhilSoc Council line-up unveiled

At the PhilSoc AGM held on 11 May 2007, four Council members stood down, namely, Prof. Beal, Prof. McMahon, Prof. Roberts and Dr Willis. The President thanked the retiring members on behalf of Council and the Society for their service, and welcomed their replacements, namely, Prof. Wendy Ayres-Bennett (Cambridge), Dr Philip Durkin (OUP), Dr Patrick Honeybone (Edinburgh) and Prof. Ruth Kempson (KCL).

Published 11 May 2007

All change at the top: New PhilSoc President announced

At the PhilSoc AGM held on 11 May 2007, Prof. Nicholas Sims-Williams stood down as PhilSoc President at the end of a four-year period of office, and was elected as Vice-President. Dr Keith Brown, formerly PhilSoc Publications Secretary and editor of Transactions of the Philological Society, was elected to succeed Prof. Sims-Williams as President. The incoming President thanked the retiring President for his work as President and for his long-standing commitment to the Society.

Published 11 May 2007

PhilSoc Council announces winner of the fourth RH Robins Prize

At the PhilSoc AGM held on 11 May 2007, Council announced that Louise Mycock (Manchester) was the winner of the fourth RH Robins Prize of the Society. Louise was presented with the £500 prize for her essay entitled "Constituent question formation and focus: A new typological perspective" which has been accepted for publication in Transactions, where it's expected to appear in issue 105.2.

Published 11 May 2007