Publications of the Philological Society

In pursuit of its charitable goals, and as funds permit, the Philological Society supports the work of researchers in linguistics and philology by financing the publication of a series of original research monographs, including those whose specialised topic may fall outside the remit of commercial publishers. The series is called Publications of the Philological Society and it is currently edited by Melanie Green. 

All current members of the Society are entitled to electronic access to all the publications in this series since 2016. A list of recent publications can be found on the Society’s publisher’s website at under Monograph Series. 

In addition to electronic access, full members of the Society (but not student associate members) are eligible to request one printed copy of any publications in this series published during the current or previous calendar year without charge, provided that any membership subscription due for the relevant year has been paid. Requests should be made using the online form at 

Long-standing members of the Society will be aware that this represents a change from the previous blanket distribution of hard copies of these publications, but the Society remains committed to ensuring that entitled members who wish to receive printed copies can easily do so. 

The first two titles to be published under the new arrangement were first made available electronically in 2016. They are The Syntax and Semantics of the Perfect Active in Literary and Koine Greek by Robert Crellin and Revitalising Languages in Provence: A Critical Approach by James Costa. Electronic access to these titles is available for all members of the Society. The Society regrets the time taken to establish the process for requesting printed copies of these titles. It will therefore accept requests for printed copies of these two titles from full members whose membership was current in either 2016 or 2017; such requests should be made before the end of 2019.

The publication for 2018 was Building Meaning in Context: A Dynamic Approach to Bantu Clause Structure by Hannah Gibson. Although not yet separately listed under monographs on the publisher’s website, this title is already available electronically to all members of the Society via this link. Full members whose membership was current in 2018 may request a printed copy using the online form at; requests should be made before the end of 2019. 

There are several further publications forthcoming in this series and details of these will be circulated to members by e-mail as they are released. 

The Philological Society encourages all researchers, whether or not they are members, to submit proposals for research monographs for inclusion in the series. All proposals are subject to a rigorous reviewing process. Our standards are extremely high and only proposals with a very positive recommendation from the reviewers are considered for publication. Prior to submitting a proposal, potential authors should discuss their proposal with the series editor.

Series Editor: Dr Melanie Green

Hannah GibsonBuilding Meaning in Context: A Dynamic Approach to Bantu Clause Structure 2018, vol. 49Order
James CostaRevitalising Language in Provence: A Critical Approach2016, vol. 48Order
Robert CrellinThe Syntax and Semantics of the Perfect Active in Literary Koine Greek2016, vol. 47Order
Mel EvansThe Language of Queen Elizabeth I: A Sociolinguistic Perspective on Royal Style and Identity2013, vol. 46Order
Stephen Pax LeonardLanguage, society and identity in early Iceland2012, vol. 45Order
Nicola McLellandJ.G. Schottelius's Ausführliche Arbeit von der Teutschen Haubtsprache (1663)2011, vol. 44Order
Lucia Loureiro-PortoThe semantic predecessors of 'need' in the history of English (c.750-1710)2009, vol. 43Order
Kathryn AllanMetaphor and Metonymy: A Diachronic Approach2009, vol. 42Order
Richard Steadman-JonesColonialism and Grammatical Representation2007, vol. 41Order
Melanie GreenFocus in Hausa2007, vol. 40Order
Patrick Sims-WilliamsAncient Celtic Place-Names in Europe and Asia Minor2006, vol. 39Order
Andrew R. LinnJohan Storm: dhi grétest pràktikal liNgwist in dhi werld2004, vol. 38Order
Patrick Sims-WilliamsThe Celtic inscriptions of Britain: phonology and chronology, c. 400--12002003, vol. 37Order
Keith Brown & Vivien Law (eds)Linguistics in Britain: personal histories2002, vol. 36Order
Angela MarcantonioThe Uralic language family: facts, myths and statistics2002, vol. 35Order
Mari C. JonesJersey Norman French: a linguistic study of an obsolescent dialect2001, vol. 34Order
Adam LedgewayA comparative syntax of the dialects of Southern Italy: a Minimalist approach2000, vol. 33Order
Kersti BörjarsFeature distribution in Swedish noun phrases1998, vol. 32Order
John HajekUniversals of sound change in nasalization1997, vol. 31Order
James ClacksonThe linguistic relationship between Armenian and Greek (No longer available)1995, vol. 30