Transactions of the Philological Society

Transactions of the Philological Society (TPhS)

TPhS is an international journal publishing evidence-based approaches to all areas of linguistics with a particular focus on the comparative and historical, and is inclusive of the widest possible range of languages.

TPhS has appeared since 1854 and continues the earlier Proceedings (1842-53) making it the oldest scholarly journal devoted to the general study of language and languages that has an unbroken tradition. It is published in three issues a year and distributed to all PhilSoc members as part of their subscription package. TPhS is also available to non-members, and to institutions and libraries, through the publisher, John Wiley.

Editor:  James Clackson (University of Cambridge, UK)

Consulting Editors:
Frans Plank (University of Konstanz, Germany)
Nigel Vincent (University of Manchester, UK)

Editorial Board:

Gilles Authier (Paris)
Alison Biggs (UPenn)
Claire Bowern (Yale)
Michela Cennamo (Naples)
Hilary Chappell (Paris)
Ashwini Deo (Ohio)
Pattie Epps (UTA)
David Goldstein (UCLA)
Jeff Good (Buffalo)
Rebecca Grollemund (Missouri)
John Hajek (Melbourne)
Mallory Matsumoto (Brown)
Marianne Mithun (UCSB)
Tatiana Nikitina (CNRS)
Joe Perry (Hong Kong)
Don Ringe (UPenn)

ISSN 0079-1636; online: ISSN 1467-968X


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Files available for download from this page:

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Johnson : Appendix for 'The reconstruction of labial stop-consonant clusters in Proto-Far-Western Hmongic' (pdf)
Issue: 100.1: 25--58
Wang and Minett : Appendix to 'Vertical and horizontal transmission in language evolution' (pdf)
Issue: 103.2: 121--146
McMahon, Heggarty, McMahon and Slaska : Supplement to 'Swadesh sublists and the benefits of borrowing: An Andean case study' (doc)
Issue: 103.2: 141--170
Atkinson, Nicholls, Welch and Gray : Appendix to 'From words to dates: water into wine, mathemagic or phylogenetic inference?' (doc)
Issue: 103.2: 193--219
Slaska : Supplement to 'Lexicostatistics away from the armchair: handling people, props and problems'
Issue: 103.2: 221--242
Landau : Colour graphics in "On the reading and interpretation of the month-line in the Gothic calendar"
Issue: 104.1: 3-12
Peter Petré : On the distribution and merger of is and bið in Old and Middle English
Issue: 111.3: 310-325
Helen Sims-Williams : Supplementary data to Analogical Levelling and Optimisation: The Treatment of Pointless Lexical Allomorphy in Greek
Issue: 114.3, 315–338
Marek Majer : Appendix to Marek Majer "The ‘fiver’ Germanic ‘finger’, balto-slavic de-numeral adjectives in *-ERO- and their Indo-European background”
Issue: 115.2
Margaret Laing and Roger Lass : Appendix to Margaret Laing & Roger Lass 'Voiced or voiceless? Old english In Middle English Sequences'
Issue: 117.1